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Your location Kyiv?
Easily scale your telephony

the Flexibility of the solution allows you to quickly and conveniently change the number of channels SV’'yazku accordance with the needs of your business.


Ordering a SIP Trunk is an optimal solution for a business that needs rapid scaling of an office telephone network. This service allows you to connect an unlimited amount of lines and numbers to a single communication channel in the Internet. With SIP Trunk you can change location of the office, save the phone number? be confident in the high quality of voice communication and save the costs spent on telephony for your business. The tariffs for the service are way cheaper than analog telephony. The flexibility of the solution allows you to quickly and easily change the number of communication channels considering the needs of your business.

Advantages of SIP Trunk

  • saving costs on connection and subscription fees
  • channels capacity scalability
  • the ability to use the analog and IP phones
  • ability to use office IP-PBX instead of an analog telephone station
  • keep the phone number when you move
  • digital data transfer protocols, that guarantees high voice quality and connection speed
  • wide opportunities for organization of corporate networks: short numbers, access rights of subscribers, managing scripts for incoming calls and other intellectual services

Rates for the service SIP-Trunk

Charge per SIP Trunk

Tariffs for long distance and mobile phone services

Tariffs for calls to numbers 0-900

Rates for international calls (standard)

Rates for international calls (Datasvit)

Codes of exceptions for services Datasvit

The cost for telecommunication equipment